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All Treatments Are Highly Sophisticated & Personalized

       No matter what your age, everyone gets results. You will see and feel the difference with the first treatment!      
Treatments are pleasant, and results can be seen immediately.Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it's in the muscle tone that supports your skin. Using mild electrical stimulation, facial muscles feel firmer and wrinkles begin to fade. 
       The skin is lifted, purified, clarified, toned and puffiness disappears. Bioelectric rejuvenation helps to keep your eyes wide, your cheeks up high, the corners of your mouth from turning down and the jaw line defined.
       ​If you want to prevent aging, keep your muscles and skin firm and healthy, Facial Sculpting is for you.   

       This breakthrough in skin restoration uses light and heat energy (LHE) to restore collagen /elastin synthesis, improving skin tone and elasticity. Safe and non-invasive, pulses of light and heat reach deep under the skin to create a mild wound/heal effect in the collagen fibers, causing collagen to react, renew, and form healthy, tighter tissue.             
       LHE is both non-ablative and non-abrasive and requires no down-time or recovery period.            
As cells regenerate, collagen fibers density increases. Results are progressive/cumulative and include even skin tone, smooth skin texture, decreased pore size, fine line and wrinkle reduction and an increase in blood circulation. The ultimate in sub-dermal skin care.            
       MicroPhotoTherapy with LHE will give your skin that younger, radiant look you thought was gone forever.

       The non-surgical facial lifting treatment . Improves skin circulation. decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Improves a variety of skin conditions.
       Click on the CHROMALIFT(TM)name above for detailed information.

       A revolutionary, non-ablative laser application in the field of anti-aging procedures that works at the cellular level to remove the visible signs of aging. This treatment utilizes Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). It focuses light energy in the form of photons that have the unique ability to stimulate synthesis in collagen and elastin.
"SoftLaser" works like a collagen injection wihout the needle. The ultimate in total sub-dermal facial care.
       Click on the SOFTLASER(TM)name above for detailed information. 

       The treatment is a non-invasive solution that goes beyond simple micro-dermabrasion. Using no crystals, the Aquasonic(TM) transmits high frequency vibration to the skin and underlying tissues. This creates both mechanical & thermal action for peeling, hydration, circulation & cleaning processes. The treatment of choice when the skin requires a deep absorption of nutritive and/or toning essentials for health and skin wellness.

       The lymphatic system is an integral part of the body's own purification process. This treatment stimulates the lymphatic drainage function for more efficient toxin removal. The result: Healthier, glowing skin and a more beautiful complexion. All skin types will benefit from rhis procedure.

       This professional, pain-free and medication-free acne treatment with proven results is gentle on your skin, safe and effective. Pulses of light & heat penetrate deep into pores destroying bacteria and soothing the inflammation.
Your skin starts to look and feel better in as little as 2 treatment, but for optimum results six to eight sessions are strongly recomended.

       Total relaxation and exceptional results! This treatment minimizes the visible signs of aging. Special cleansers deep clean the pores, galvanic & high frequency used in this treatment allow the skin to absorb specific organic gels that hydrate, nourish & moisturize. Dramatic results are immediate, promoting a radiant, firmer and younger looking complexion. 

       A cream-serum anti age treatment that eliminates dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal with a gentle, mild peeling. Fruit acids & fruit enzymes thoroughly exfoliate the upper layers of the epidermis, without causing any irritation. The renewing treatments that follow "recreate a new epidermis" with 21 amino acids and 17 vitamins.

       The ultimate in natural facials, aromatic consists exlusively of plant extracts (selected for their treatment action) and essential oils (selected for their energizing benefits). Treatment masks and creams are prepared before the client, according to the specific needs of the skin, for customized effectiveness. Sheer pleasure, ending with an amazing massage! 

For long-lasting benefits several sessions at regular intervals will be required.Take the first step to SKINWELLNESS and call us  to schedule your complimentary skin analysis.  Karolina is a licensed, professional aesthetician with more than 25 years’ experience and an expert in the field of anti-aging.

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Make no mistake.  These are not facials or invasive medical procedures.  It is knowledge, science and technology coming together to combat the effects of aging, naturally. 
The unique, anti-aging treatments of SKINWELLNESS will produce dramatic and visible changes in the way your skin looks and feels.  

SKINWELLNESS works on skin at the cellular level to restore the healthy, natural balances of youth.  The treatments have been showcased on CNBC, ABC, BRAVO and
in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and People Magazine.