The Palm Beach
Plastic Surgery Center
1500 N. Dixie Hwy. Suite 304
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
     Hi... My name is Karolina.
       For more than 25 years I have been bringing clients the best of high-technology and science-based skincare that represents a fusion of health and beauty services. I know how to analyze and establish your personalized skin care program to reduce the ongoing effects of aging.

       Born in Russia, I studied throughout Europe. My extensive training includes schooling in Vienna, Kiev, Rome, Beverly Hills and Chicago.

      Drawing on my experiences and expertise, I can recommend the right procedures to keep your friends and co-workers wondering what looks different about you. You'll look refreshed, more youthful and completely natural. Most importantly these improvements are made without anesthesia, downtime or significant discomfort.

      Many of my clients have had plastic surgery in the past and realize that even the best procedure does not stop the skin from aging. My treatments work to preserve the benefits of surgery and slow the skin's continual aging process.

      My specially selected professional treatments will revitalize your complexion & satisfy even the most demanding skin!

     When you enter the treatment room...
you are at the heart of medically based beauty. Let yourself be pampered by expert will feel and look more beautiful, more radiant, and more relaxed.

Please call for an appointment or complimentary consultation.
The complimentary consultation includes deep ultra-violet skin analysis with "Derma-scanner",
The only correct way to analyze skin.
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