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      Thanks to new technologies and new techniques, most of us no longer have to live with the visible signs of aging and sun-damaged skin.            
      In fact your properly trained aesthetician can now prevent, maintain and even restore a youthful appearance to women and men of nearly all ages.            
    Recent years have seen a revolution in facial rejuvenation treatments, with an emphasis on non-invasive, non-ablative (non-wounding) procedures that promise significant improvement for the wrinkles and blemishes associated with aging and sun exposure. Moreover, this new era of high-tech skincare offers an array of minimalist procedures with no side effects or "down-time."           
     To maintain a healthy, youthful appearance, your aesthetician can start you on a skincare regiment to treat the milder symptoms of aging. In subsequent decades, they progressively choose from their treatment repertoire to correct the deeper, more advanced signs of the aging face. 
Here's what to watch for:
The 20's and 30's
     While most people enjoy beautiful skin throughout there twenties and thirties, fine lines, freckles and other cosmetic flaws may begin to appear. Professionally recommended products (creams & lotions) can stave off these blemishes, while setting the stage for a youthful look in the years ahead. 
The 40's
     Wrinkles, brown spots, broken veins, some thinning here, some thickening there - this is typically the decade when the aging process begins to show. A regular, professional skincare regiment that includes facials and proper home care will work to slow down and repair damage to the skin's top layers and underpinnings.

The 50's and Beyond 
     Once the beginning of the end, this is now considered the peak of physical and personal confidence. While excess hair, stubborn fat deposits, wrinkles and creases, sagging jowls or baggy eyelids will undoubtedly appear, they can be erased by more intensive applications like: "Facial Sculpting" bioelectric facial rejuvenation,"SoftLaser", "The Chromalift" a non-surgical facial lifting, "Aquasonic" skin regeneration, "Botinol" therapy to name a few.           
      Yes, it is possible to have smooth, luminous skin in these years, especially for people who have enjoyed early intervention in the preceding decades. Thanks to the effectiveness of today's arsenal of skin rejuvenation products and procedures, even deep-set lines and wrinkles, the accumulation of pigmentation changes, loose skin, and fat loss can be dramatically improved and recontoured. Often, a combination of treatment options is recommended to enhance elderly skin.             
    In extreme cases where skincare has been neglected, medical procedures like plastic surgery, laser resurfacing and dermabrasion, may be necessary.
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