Facial sculpting clients "swear that repeated treatments take ten years off their faces - redefining the jaw line, excavating cheekbones, lifting the brow and reducing puffiness."
Reported celebrity devotees include OPRAH, MADONNA and MERYL STREEP.
-Town and Country Magazine-

"The effects are so dramatic, your friends may think you've had a face lift."
Facial sculpting client LIV TYLER persuaded her rocker dad to try it and that TIM ROBBINS followed wife SUSAN SARANDON for several treatments prior to Oscar night.
Other celebs named in the article include SAMUEL L. JACKSONMARISA TOMEI and IMAN.
-New York Magazine-

Clients "emerge from non-surgery looking ten years younger".
-Inside Magazine-

"All I know is I fell asleep while magic fingers do something with an electric current and I wake up with perfect skin and a refined jaw line that everybody from  RENEE ZELLWEGER to GWYNETH PALTROW line up to get at Oscar time."

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